Smart Process-Oriented Solutions for Bulk Terminals

Our intelligent process automation solution serves as an effective bridge between planning, scheduling, and control systems.

We aim to fundamentally transform production operations, shifting from an equipment-based mode to a process-based one. This is achieved through the seamless initiation of processes with just one click.

Smart Solutions for General Bulk Terminals

Our intelligent solution is dedicated to transforming terminal production from manual to automated. We achieve this by innovating the production process at general bulk terminals and introducing technologies such as intelligent remote operation, autonomous driving, digital twin, and intelligent management and control. The ultimate goal is to realize unmanned production on-site.

Digitalization Solution for Bulk Yards

Digital yard system implements the digital modeling and management of bulk cargo.

  • Digital modeling bulk cargo with laser scanning and computer vision.
  • Integrates multi-dimensional data from business, production, and inspection.
  • Provides visual management of the yard, including inventory management, inbound and outbound logistics, as well as comprehensive yard operation records.
  • Enables real-time monitoring of the storage capacity, storage planning, and capacity forecasting for the yard.
  • Optimizes yard management with intelligent planning, precise space allocation, predictive and deductive yard utilization, and in-depth turnover analysis.

Digital Twin Solution for Bulk Terminals

Digital Twin System(DYS) implements digitization and information management of all elements at the terminal

  • The unified digital twin platform integrates data from various business sectors such as business, management, production, control, and operations.
  • Enables data sharing among different departments and establishes seamless data channels within the business workflow.
  • Achieves comprehensive digitization of all elements, including berths, yards, loading and unloading equipment, mobile machinery, auxiliary equipment, and personnel.
  • Provides a visual platform combining real and virtual aspects for terminal monitoring, yard management, and production control.

Equipment Intelligent Control Solutions

  • Equipment intelligent control implements remote automatic operation
  • Remote automatic operation system for grab ship unloaders
  • Remote automatic operation system for ship loaders
  • Remote automatic operation system for stacker/reclaimer
  • Remote automatic operation system for portal cranes
  • Automatic control system for belt conveyors