Pain points and demands for green and energy-saving tire cranes:

With the advancement of technology and the heightened awareness of environmental considerations, the power supply methods for tire-mounted cranes have undergone significant changes.

The biggest drawback of diesel generator set power supply is that it cannot achieve zero emission.

Providing power supply for equipment like cable reels and sliding contact wires in tire-mounted cranes is crucial for their operation. However, a significant challenge arises when trying to balance the power supply needs with the flexible crossing and transition characteristics of tire-mounted cranes.

Cable reels, sliding contact wires, and other power supplies are equipped with transition battery packs, making system switching cumbersome and operation complex

The battery pack is equipped with a small diesel generator set for power supply, which has not achieved complete green energy status

The green RTG system of YM Tech Co, Ltd can solve the above pain points by adopting a full battery power supply system, which meets the needs of normal operation of port terminals and achieves green and energy-saving status.

1. Green and energy-saving

2. Automatic fast charging

3. Long endurance

4. Intelligent charging