Smart fusion operation platform is developed based on the remote control visual system of port machinery automation and is an important component of the port machinery automation remote control system. It is closely integrated with the port machinery automation system and port management system to achieve automatic remote operation of port machinery.

The Smart Fusion Console represents a departure from traditional remote control visual systems for port machinery. Unlike conventional systems where one console is typically dedicated to controlling a specific type of port machinery, the Smart Fusion Console introduces a more versatile approach. With this innovative console, a single unit can control the remote operation modes of various types of port machinery. This adaptability extends to different operational conditions, allowing the Smart Fusion Console to facilitate the remote control operation of diverse port machinery such as shore bridges, rail cranes, and tire cranes. By consolidating control capabilities onto a single console, this system streamlines operations and enhances efficiency.

Functional features:

  • One “platform” with multiple “machines”: a single operating platform, suitable for the integrated remote control operation mode of various port machines such as shore cranes, tire cranes, and rail cranes;
  • Can embed third-party software platforms for display;
  • Multiple login modes: facial recognition, fingerprint, password, etc
  • On-demand streaming: Combined with port machine operation instructions, on-demand video streaming is retrieved to save network bandwidth;
  • Camera compatibility: Compatible with mainstream manufacturers’ camera video access, such as BOSCH, HK, AXIS, PELCO, DH, etc;
  • Decoding capability: Supports different encoding and decoding protocols such as H.264 and H.265, as well as CPU software and GPU hardware;
  • High resolution: Supports 4K resolution, supports synchronous display of 1080P video images over 20 channels;
  • Curved display: Curved screen design in line with ergonomics to avoid visual fatigue;
  • Data and video synchronization: The video screen synchronizes the display of lifting tool height information and other operational data;

Fusion features:

  • Integration of data interfaces between various systems
  • Simplified and integrated operation panel
  • Video playback and control integration
  • Integration of operation interface, information display, and job instructions
  • Integration of scheduling for different device consoles
  • Integration of operation and management
  • Integration of different single-machine automation systems
  • Visual-based hazard identification fusion
  • Easy to integrate future AI functions