The Intelligent Operation Center of the Smart Terminal integrates data from diverse automation systems within the terminal through a robust big data platform. Leveraging the business process of the terminal, we embark on a comprehensive redesign of the production plan, scheduling, and overall operations of the automated terminal.

As part of this transformative approach, a universal standard architecture for the remote equipment operation system is introduced. This implementation aims to achieve the integration and unity of terminal equipment control and operation.

Operation Insight of IOC

Realize global efficiency analysis and bottleneck analysis of automated terminals based on global big data, software systems, hardware, human factors, and other aspects.

IT Insight of IOC

Comprehensive coverage of all application and database servers 

Server performance and key services monitoring

Real-time alerts of any abnormal information delivered through SMS, Ding-Talk, WeChat, and other messenger tools

Provides diverse user interface methods such as WebGUI, IT Big Screen, Mobile-phone App, etc.